Recently in the Lab...

Kamaleswaran Lab moves to Duke University!


We are thrilled to be moving from Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology to Duke University Departments of Surgery and Anesthesiology, with additional appointments in the Duke Pratt School of Engineering. 

We are grateful for the friendships and collaborations forged at Emory University / GT over the past 4.5 years; something that will continue to grow and develop into robust multi-institutional collaborations in the years to come.

Cheers to the new beginnings! 🥳

Milad Rad successfully defends his PhD!


Georgia Tech, ECE PhD student Milad Rad has successfully defended his PhD thesis, and will be officially conferred his doctoral degree at convocation!

The whole lab is so proud of Dr. Rad on this momentous and well-deserved achievement! His years of dedication and hard work have motivated everyone in the lab. We can't wait to see what he achieves in the next chapter of his career. 

Congrats again Milad!! 🥳🎓🌟

Azade Tabaie successfully defends her PhD!


Emory University, CSI PhD student Azade Tabaie has successfully defended her PhD thesis, and will be officially conferred her doctoral degree at convocation!

Azadie's thesis was on Predicting Rare Clinical Events in Complex and Dynamic Environments, in which she details several novel methods to improve machine learning in such challenging scenarios. 

We are so proud of Azade for her tremendous achievements and congratulate Dr. Tabaie on her future successes!!

Congrats again Azade!! 🥳🎓🌟